Price: $46.95

This wine is in the image of Mary Stuart: subtle and seductive. The blended rosé is made with grapes grown in the Marne Valley and the Côte des Blancs. The freshness, fruitiness and delicious fragrances reveal a truly elegant champagne. This wine stands out with its delicate, soft colour.
The bouquet reveals aromas of forest fruits and tangy sweets. On the palate, a sound structure offers a few violet notes and a delicious finish.

Food pairings: The perfect partner for marinated prawn skewers or a fruit tart

Price: $44.95

This delicious aperitif champagne is characterized by elegance, balance and aromatic depth.
A blend of the best grapes from the Marne Valley and the Sézannais, this wine boasts a brilliant pale gold colour. The bouquet is delightfully seductive. The palate, full and fruity, reveals delicate notes of sweet white fruits. The finish has a slight mineral edge.

Food pairings: The Cuvée de la Reine Brut is ideal as an aperitif or served with white meat or sashimi.

Champagne Castelnau Brut Reserve
Price: $69.95

Appearance: Straw colour with gold and green undertones. The taster will be immediately intrigued by the sheer aromatic complexity rarely found in a non-vintage Brut.
Aroma: Dominant, biscuity Chardonnay notes overlay some lovely spicy, herbaceous tones of thyme and bay along with lighter hints of blonde tobacco and dried flowers.
Flavor: The palate is intense showing the same biscuity, faintly honeyed notes. Gingerbread, almonds and hazelnuts blend harmoniously with the stone fruit flavours of peach and ripe apricot from the Pinots giving lift and freshness to the taste.

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