Price: $24.50

100% Garnacha
Medium cherry color. Floral and red fruit aromas on the nose. On the palate it emphasizes those fragrant floral notes that stand out over the cherries and red currant. The acidity this wine holds keeps it fresh and vibrant.
3 months in new French oak barrels (300l), light and medium toasted
Ground limestone. Fragmented rock that creates paths for the roots in search of water. In rain, water circulates with ease, but there is no water retention forcing the roots to go deep, searching for compact ground.

Price: $31.50

50% Garnacha, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Cariñena Deep red ruby colour. Complex aromas of ripe cherry, plums, small black berries and vanilla, smoky, toasty oak flavors. Full bodied with soft tannins, wonderful fresh acidity; fine Glycerin sweetness; good length.

Price: $39.50

100% Garnacha negra from old vines Medium ruby color. Very expressive aromas of raspberry marmalade and a floral fragrance tagging along. The palate confirms the ripeness and juiciness the arrange of red fruits have to offer here; and is well balanced by a floral and leafy background that keeps this wine vibrant and fresh. Soft elegant tannins, complexity is seen through the layers of cooked fruits and the elegant integration of the oak, through notes of figs and raisins.

Price: $14.95

Clean and bright light strawberry color. Fine and pleasant bubbles.
It is very intense, with a combination of red fruits and citrus notes
The palate has a smooth entry and good effervescence with fresh aromas that are perceived with finesse and harmony .the slight sweetness makes it easy to drink. Very long and persistent finish.

Price: $14.50

80% Sauvignon Blanc and 20% Chardonnay
This attractive wine displays a pale straw colour, an exotic bouquet of fresh passion fruit combined with the elegant ageing notes of chardonnay, a long palate of tropical fruit underpinned by refreshing acidity.

Price: $14.95

Palomino fino
A dry, fresh, crisp and delicate white wine matured under a thick veil of yeast “la flor” in the coastal town of Sanlucar de Barrameda within the
denominacion de origen “Manzanilla – Sanlucar de Barrameda”.
Bright pale straw. Clean, delicate and faintly yeasty apple nose. Dry, light, crisp and smooth with a tangy fresh finish. Best served slightly chilled in a wine glass and highly recommended with seafood, fish, smoked and cured delicacies, white meats, vinaigrette dishes and salads or simply as the perfect aperitif.
92 WS

Price: $18.95

Very Dark. Iodine intensity. Aroma: of prunes and raisins. Opulently sweet caramel, raisin and vanilla notes in this richly sweet Sherry. Full-bodied and robust, with a lingering finish.
Serving suggestions: Room temperature, with desserts, puddings, ice
cream, etc.

Price: $14.95

Dry, cultured well aged wine with full nutty aromas and long finish. This wine is initially mature to become a Manzanilla and then “oxidatively” aged in oak butts to become an “Amontillado”.
Full amber. Rich, nutty and penetrating. Full, dry, smooth.
Serving suggestions: Best served in a wine glass, at room temperature, great
with cured delicacies, cheeses and soup.
90 Points Parker

Price: $14.95

A sherry that is matured oxidatively in butts of American oak in the solera system for several years to provide a rich smooth but dry wine with full
walnut aromas.
Full amber. Honey, caramel, walnut and a hint of bitter chocolate on the finish. It has good length and character. Dry but rich, a hint of sweetness and a smooth velvety finish.
Serving suggestions: Room temperature, as an aperitif or with cheeses.

Price: $14.95

85% Palomino, 25% PX
A rich blend of old Oloroso and sweet Pedro Ximenez matured in solera for many years to create a rich sweet wine with full nutty and dried fruit aroma.. Denomination de Origen “Sherry-Jerez-Xeres”. Very Dark Amber. Full nutty, sweet, rich, warm, smooth. Ideal as an aperitif or as an accompaniment of desserts and cheeses or alternatively as a long drink on the rocks with a slice of orange.
Alcohol Volume: 18%
91 Parker


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